Downloading a smaller size image

The largest available image size is presented for a purchased download. Most graphics software that you may have on your personal computer will be able to resize, re-scale or save the original downloaded file as a smaller version. In the event you do not have this facility, contact us from assistance.

Editorial Use of Photographs

Any photographs labelled for editorial use, do not possess any model or property release, which means they cannot be used for endorsement, business, commercial, promotional or advertorial purposes. The nature of these photographs deem them to be used only in association with editorial such as books, blogs, magazine, newsletter and newspaper articles. For more information in the licencing section.

Exclusive Rights to an Image

When you purchase media with a Exclusive Rights licence,  no other business or individual can purchase the same media file(s). Once purchased, we will remove the media from the website and will not be available to purchase. See the licence section for more details.

The download links are uniquely generated and are designed to expire after a certain time period. If you did not manage to download your purchase in the allotted time, contact us and we extend the period.

Modifying Photographs

Purchased photographs, images or videos can be modified if necessary at your leisure. This includes manipulating the media with actions such as cropping, flipping, rotation, adding text, or editing the colours.

You can quickly edit for digital or online use using iStock Editor. You can crop, resize, add text, upload logos and apply filters to your creative photos all for free.

Page Not Found – 404 error

In the unlikely event, you receive a Page Not Found 404 error, this means that the web page you requested cannot be found.  This is either due to the page not being available anymore or the page has been moved (and your link is out of date). Go to the Home page and navigate to your desired page/location.

Password Problem

If you are having trouble with your password for the account and e-mail you registered, clicking on the following link with enable you to change your password.

Payment Error on Purchase

I receive a payment error when attempting to by credit card. We use major payment gateways such as PayPal who have secure connections t your bank or building society.  We have no control or access, therefore usually it may be you may have forgotten to include the card code located on the back of your card. For Visa, MasterCard, and Discover cards, the card code is the last 3 digit number located on the back of your card on or above your signature line. American Express cards, utilise the last 4 digits at the very end of your card number. Failing that, there may be a problem with your card. Please contact your issuer or bank accordingly.

Photographic Resolution

Most of our photographs are set at 72dpi. Most of our contributors set this or is the default which works for most. A photograph can be saved at various resolutions without changing the quality or physical size of the image. Changing a 72dpi image to a 300 dpi will not alter the quality or size of the image. To change the dpi, open the image in your image editing tool and change the resolution.

Pricing Calculated

Visit the Pricing section for details.

Printing Photographs

Generally, if the photographs ar to be printed, a resolution of 300dpi is recommend. If  a downloaded photograph is only available at 72dpi, it can be saved at 300dpi by using your image editing software.

Problems with Download

You can download you purchase again by selecting it in your account section.


Select the images you wish to purchase,  add them to your basket, complete the required details including your email address. The download link will then be available in your account area and/or in the email you receive.  Clicking on these links will initiate a download to your personal computer, tablet or phone that has the facility to save the file.

Promotional Codes

If you have a promotional code, present it at the checkout in the relevant box. Promotional codes are normally time based and have an expiry date. If you have any problems using a valid code, please contact us.

Prohibited Use of Media

Any media purchased and downloaded should not be use in connection with:

  • Any logo or trademark
  • Pornographic, obscene or libellous works

Re-downloading an Image

In case of a download failure,  the photograph or video can be download as many times as you need. To re-download, use the link in your blah section in My Account.


We cannot offer a refund or credit for successfully downloaded files. A credit will only be considered based on our findings if there is a technical issue with the file or the download process.

Use of Photographs

Purchased, downloaded photographs are royalty free (unless specified otherwise) and you are free to use them publishing, advertising, websites, projects,  presentations, wallpaper, screen savers, blogs and the like.

Your Account

You can access your account here.

Orders, purchased downloads, address details and payment methods are available for viewing and editing where appropriate.

If you cannot find an answer above to your question, please contact us for assistance.