Stock Photos

Spectrum Stock Photo (SSP) supplies purchasable photographs that are licenced for use by business and individuals for the purpose of and not limited to, web site, magazine editorial, flyers, printing material, publishing and the like. Photographs purchased and downloaded, can optionally be purchased on an exclusive basis. Most of the photographs in our stock have been taken by our own resident photographers.

Opportunities also exist for photographers to submit their efforts and be rewarded on sales.

Suggestions & Tips

Personalize The Image – use the negative space, the unoccupied area around the subject of the photo to place your company title, logo and slogan on a purchased image.

Save Money – using a stock image can save you commissioning a photographer to go out and capture.

Refresh Your Content – use new stock images to keep your web site fresh.

Adds Value – images amongst narrative can add value to an article. Visual impact compliments good copy.

Keeps You Legal – using non stock images sourced from search engines and the like can infringe someone’s copyright. Always avoid downloading non purchased images, they will exist on someones’s or some businesses’s web site and will not be legal to use. Stock images have their own licence and you are paying for the right to use them as you wish.

Mix Stock Photos With Custom – if you have custom photographs to use on your web site, it is always good to mix them with relevant stock photos. Do you overdo the use of stock images in you can.

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